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With the way Nigeria is going, a lot of people are looking for ways to relocating to Canada without IELTS.

Or the easiest way to migrate to Canada from Nigeria. Like, let us face the truth, Nigeria is getting worse as the day goes by. 

As of December 2020, Nigeria’s public debt was at N32.9 trillion. The nation is seeking ways to fund its national budget thereby increasing the tax of its citizens. The nation is sinking gradually.

This post may sound discouraging to you, not the aim of this blog post. However, I must make everything clear so that the purpose of this post doesn’t get misunderstood. I am not here to discredit or compare any country with the other.  

The perspective of “perfect” Canada only exists on papers, TVs, and movies. It is not what is been said about it in reality. 

Some wealthy individuals in Nigeria through experience from traveling to Canada prefer relocating their kids abroad to relocating to Canada themselves.

This is because they feel living in Nigeria will favor them more than relocating to Canada. And the reasons will be mentioned above.  

The purpose of this post is to enable you to have a clue of how life in Canada looks like from the outside, so your expectations won’t be high and your decision will be based on facts not blindly deciding to relocate because perhaps, your friends came to you with a manual that says “the easiest way to relocate to Canada from Nigeria without IELTS.

So without wasting much of your time, let us get started.

Ladies and gentlemen, shall we?

Before I proceed, here is the reason you should take this blog post and your dream to relocating to Canada seriously.

My friend and business partner back in the days, Mr. Ola, relocated to Canada with his family in September 2018. Mr. Ola relocated to Canada with IELTS, and he did very well.

Back then, we became friends because of how we got to know and attended one of the GNLD seminars which sounded funny to both of us.

A little story on how we met. Some of you will be familiar with this story

You see a wall along the road with a job description on it saying something like this ”Manager needed, N3,000 daily. Then a phone number afterward”. When you call the number, you will be lured to attend their seminar. I and Mr. Ola had a similar story.

Since then due to different career paths, we stopped keeping in touch. 

Recently, his name has been popping up on my Facebook newsfeed as “people you may know”. Let me not bore you with the details. Long story cut short. We connected and I found out he has relocated to Canada. 

I asked him few questions concerning Canada and things you have to consider before leaving your home country. 

He mentioned a lot of things, but the following are the ones that are relevant for a new immigrant.

1. Health Care. 

relocate to canada

Health care is very expensive. Most especially when you don’t have insurance covering your health.

In Nigeria, you may fall ill and then you decide to see a private hospital or pharmacist. When you go to meet them, they will attend to you, give you drugs or hospitalize you if need be. 

But it is different in Canada, everything is like a municipal, the government has a system for a beginning, you can’t just walk in like that to receive treatment.

2. Transportation. 

relocate to canada

If you don’t have a car or not planning on getting one shortly after arriving in Canada, I think you should take picking a location that is near to your house, school, church(if you intend to attend one), grocery store, bus stop, very seriously. Channels you frequent at least twice a day shouldn’t be far from you.

For instance, if you choose a house that will take you 30 minutes to get to the bus stop, with all the snow and heavy boot on your leg and heavy clothes you’re wearing in other to avoid cold, you have to wear all those clothes to trek for 30 minutes. Some people can do it, but how about those who can’t? 

And those who can do it, if you’re not getting paid to burn such energy and waste such time, why do it in the first place, most especially if you can do something about it which doesn’t need so many hassles.

You should also take note of bus stop numbers. In Canada, bus stops have numbers. And if you don’t look very well, you won’t see it.

When searching for a bus stop on Google Maps, ensure that the bus stop number on Google Maps is the same as what you have offline. 

3. Be specific about where you want to live. 

relocate to canada

If you have friends in Vancouver, Toronto, Ottawa, etc, I would advise you to look for schools in those areas.

Having your friends in a city you are starting life afresh will be a massive bonus for you than having them in Vancouver, and you’re going to live in Toronto where you know no one. 

Use their experience and existing connections to get a better life for yourself. No matter how smart you are, you’re new to the environment, you’re bound to make a mistake.

Some of the mistakes can be avoided most especially if they cost you a lot, maybe choosing a small apartment for a huge price.  

However, there are exceptions. If you think that cost of living is high in the cities your friends live in, you can always go to cities with a low cost of living. 

London, Ontario is a small town with a lot of black people living in it. If you like having black people around you, then London, Ontario is a nice place to be. 

4. Loneliness. 

relocate to canada

Unlike in Nigeria when you feel lonely, you could walk into a beer parlor or restaurant, you may find some people discussing and you could join them. But it is not so in Canada.

In Canada, everyone minds his business and if you try to push it, you could get arrested for invading someone’s space.

This is one of the reasons why online dating apps are more rampant, not only in Canada but in some other developed countries.  

Loneliness for a long period is not good for one’s mental health. At a point, you begin to get sad unnecessarily about things around you, that’s if it doesn’t suddenly migrate to depression. 

I think going to church is a good place to meet and connect with people. You should make handy, you can check free events around your location that you can attend. 

When you arrive in Canada newly, you will experience culture shock and loneliness is part of it. However, the quicker you do something about your loneliness the quicker you recover from other factors that constitute culture shock. 

5. Racism. 

This is something you have to look out for real. You’re not in your country, so you do not expect to be treated nicely most times.

I haven’t experienced racism. Maybe they do happen behind me. I’ve not noticed anyone accurately discriminating against me, but I’ve heard people’s stories. I have seen people that it has happened to. 

There is racism in Canada, but I don’t think they have the guts like other countries to act on your face. Though, some people do.

I think most of the ones that push the racism narrative are ignorant ones. You can imagine not leaving Canada your whole life. And suddenly you see a dark skin person, who can speak good English like you. You’d be surprised. 

Most of them think Canada is the only country that exists in the world. 

6. Driver’s License

If you have a driver’s license in Nigeria, for your own good, come along with it.

The process of getting a driver’s license in Canada is a long one. There are three different tests you have to pass through before you can get your driver’s license.

If you happen to write the first test and pass, they will give you a license, but the license will be as good as not having a license depending on the receiver. 

With such a license, you have to drive with someone who has five years of experience at all times. If you don’t have someone like that to help you, there is no need to attempt to drive in Canada. 

Also, you are not allowed to leave the city or the local area in which you stay. 

Having your Nigerian driver’s license doesn’t mean you won’t take the knowledge test. Normally, after taking the knowledge test, you have to wait for a year or 8 months depending on the province, before you take the road test. 

In major cities like Vancouver, you have to wait for a year while in Ontario, you have to wait for eight months.

If you had your driver’s license from Nigeria, after taking the knowledge test, you book your nearest route test and take it. 

Unlike those who don’t have or didn’t come along with theirs, after taking the knowledge test, they will have to wait for a year or 8 months before taking the road test.

In Canada, they take safe driving seriously. They’d prefer you drive slowly and steadily until you get to your destination than drive like someone who the police are chasing after. 

The way they drive is different from the way Nigeria drive. Well, I won’t go into details here. When you arrive you’d see things yourself and adjust.

7. Food Cost.

Now you are no longer in Nigeria. Most of the food items that are in Nigeria won’t be in Canada. Some that you can see in Canada are ridiculously expensive.

Most Nigerians in Canada do not enjoy using Canadian seasonings or other types of seasonings because of their different taste and look.

Well, every country will say that their type of food is better than the other and that exactly is not what we are here for.  

Before traveling to Canada, endeavor to bring as many seasonings and other ingredients as you can carry and as they permit.

8. House Cost.

If you will be relocating to Canada anytime soon, know this and know peace. Housing will take most of your monthly expenses. It is very expensive.

There are ways you can cut costs, maybe by getting an apartment or basement. There is nothing wrong with living in a basement. It is wisdom to cut your coat according to your size. 

But, how long are you going to or are you willing to live in a basement? 

When you live in an apartment, which is still expensive, you have to pay for utilities like water, Internet, and hydro. In Canada, they call it hydro, electricity. 

When it is time to pay for utilities you are expected to pay up immediately and if you don’t, they will cut your light. Unlike in Nigeria where you can tell them to come tomorrow for their money, it is not accepted in Canada. You pay for what you use. 

House cost differs in different cities in Canada. In major cities like Toronto or Vancouver, a thousand dollars and above can get you a one-bedroom apartment but the same amount of money used in London, Ontario can get you a more spacious one-bedroom apartment, if you’re very lucky, you could get a two-bedroom apartment. 

If you have more information, comment below.

P.S: Damilola Nejo has put in a lot of work with detailed information on How to Legally Relocate to Canada Within 3-6 Months Using an Untapped Route in 2021, Even if You Have Low IELTS.  

After putting in a lot of work to get the right information and I don’t promote it to you in this period in Nigeria where it is easier and better to ban Twitter than to invite them to have an office in Nigeria to employ Nigerians, maybe, just maybe, it will make me a bad person.

 I don’t want to be a bad person, and I just enjoy pitching

If relocating to Canada as a single person, married person with or without kids, or even as a student, has been your nightmare and perhaps you’ve been praying about it, here is your answered prayer click here.