Quincy Ememandu is a certified Digital Marketing Consultant.
Well, he doesn’t like people addressing him as a “certified” Digital Marketing Consultant. Clients are more interested in results than in asking for certificates.
However, I will reintroduce him.
Quincy Ememandu is a practical and result-oriented Digital Marketing Consultant. His an expert in Google and Youtube ads.
He has helped and will continue helping businesses to have a digital presence either to sell their products and services or create awareness.
In 2019, he gave a Digital Marketing Agency a cumulative of $2,000 for a campaign and none came back, either as revenue or balance.
Ever since then, he asked himself and several others one question, “companies that thrive on inorganic traffic, is this exactly how they spend the money to make sales and remain relevant in the industry?”
It was later, through his personal experience as a Digital Marketing Consultant that he found out what the company was doing wrong.
He has had his own share of hiring an incompetent Digital Marketing Agency to run his campaign and know how it feels to spend money that never came back.
Again, so many businesses have good products and services but don’t know how to market their products using existing digital channels.
This is what he will do for you, if you call or Whatsapp him today for a quote!
  1. He will help your business have an online presence where people can see and interact with your business.
  2. He will drive traffic to your business using existing digital marketing channels.
  3. He will position your business such that, people can search and find your business using inorganic traffic
Digital Marketing is a serious matter
Allow him to take care of your Google & Youtube campaign while you engage in other productive activities that will grow your business.
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