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26 05, 2021

How To Improve Your Teaching Skills And Make Teaching Interesting For Your Least Interested Students/Pupils.

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Students and Pupils are expected to understand the teachings of their teachers or lecturers,

…even when the teaching method of their teachers or lecturers is not taught well to be able to command understanding from the students/pupil.

I have heard a lot of students and pupils complain about their inability to assimilate a teacher’s subject.

No matter how effective a teaching method a teacher adopts, the students won’t be able to understand the subject.

And a similar thing happened to me when I was in Senior Secondary School. We had two biology teachers at that time. Though they didn’t teach together in a term. One was a corp member, it was when she concluded her service to the nation and left that the second biology teacher started teaching us.

This is where it gets interesting, I understood biology more when the second teacher started teaching us.

The majority of us said, “why didn’t the second teacher come earlier?”. As of then, we were n SS 3 preparing for our WAEC and NECO. I think their demonstration method while teaching and their teaching methods differ.

This is not a way of discrediting the first teacher. We enjoyed her teaching during her time. We never knew there could be a better offer until we were taught by another teacher.

Some teachers who do not undergo proper teaching training, teach our kids yet we force our kids to understand and memorize what they are being taught.

That should be a bygone now because, at the end of this blog post, you will learn what it takes to be a trained teacher and apply that which you will learn from here to set yourself out and make your students enjoy your teachings while still with you in their current stage of life.

You can imagine, as grown as I was then, I could sense the difficulty in understanding my first teacher’s teaching method. How much more a kid who is in the nursery or primary, who is not expected to complain about such incompetence.

Some adults to date read some blog posts more than once and find it difficult to understand them. Sometimes, they read some blogs once and understand their point.

I think, if you read a blog post and find it difficult to understand or interesting at the first reading, would there still be a need to read it the second time?

I understand that for a better understanding of a blog post, the more you read it, the more you understand and see some hidden ideas beneath it.

But then, there are people that, the more they read the more confused they become about a particular piece of writing.

In some cases, it is either the author’s teaching style or method is not effective enough to command understanding of his point or he knows what to write but can’t articulate it properly. That means such an author has to improve his teaching skill.

So how does he improve his teaching skill?

There are many FREE materials online today for those who are interested to improve their teaching to learn from. Why make this world more difficult and complex more than it already is?

You can begin to engage in public speaking where you have to speak to an audience as enlightened as you are.

If you miss a point, they wouldn’t hesitate to draw your attention to it, and also, some complex sentences you use for them which they understand can’t be used for your students.

However, if your age grade or audience couldn’t understand your speaking even when you try to simplify things as much as you could, yet they can’t understand, it is a good way to question your teaching skill.

You need to improve your teaching skill or method.

How do you improve your teaching skill?

1. Give responsibilities. Being confident in your capabilities and knowledge is a valuable skill to teach to your students.

Making students have a sense of responsibility helps get them involved in any activity at hand.

By asking students to take up projects and initiatives of their own, in ways that illustrate what they learn in the classroom, makes them feel reliable to your cause and boosts their assertive self-image.

For instance, when I was a secondary school student, there used to be this dude that is very unserious with his studies.

Each time the English teacher comes in is just a matter of few minutes before he leaves the classroom. The teacher noticed this and decided to make the guy his subject representative.

That is the dude is responsible for collecting students’ assignment, submitting it, and returning it to the classroom.

And whenever assignments are reviewed, he is the one who asks the students questions. In cases his not doing well, the teacher will correct him. Ever since then, his English has improved in writing and orally.

2. Make out time to engage with your friends and hobbies.

If you don’t have time to interact with friends, it is time to schedule time for such activity.

Engaging with your friends will enable you to learn how to articulate your point at their level. Your friends can understand complex illustrations, unlike your students.

If your friends can’t understand your point when you speak, it means you have to learn how to articulate your points so that people listening can understand them clearly.

And how exactly do you articulate your point?

Learn how to be expressive will help you convey the meaning and emotions behind what you are trying to say.

It is more of like a demonstration method of teaching and conveying your thought process. The way your body moves will help to pass the message you want to pass across.

This is a form of improvising. It is one of the most effective ways to pass your point across. Someone who is far away cannot hear you, but with proper gestures, the person can have a clue about what you’re saying or better still, understand the point you are making.

Expand your vocabulary. The truth is, you cant offer what you do not have. If you don’t know a vocabulary worthy of qualifying your point very well, it will be misinterpreted.

When you lack the vocabulary to express your thoughts, people you are speaking to will be unable to understand your point.

You can expand your vocabulary by reading literature that is outside your regular material. Let us say, you normally read books about business and finance, this time you have to start reading books on war, horror, and love.

While reading those books, pay close attention to descriptive words. How the author used them to make their point and especially ones that describe emotions.

3. As a teacher, it is important that you teach students in detail. Scalping the surface of a topic will live students more confused than they were.

As a student who is hearing about a topic for the very first time, it will do such student better if you give him a step-by-step guide on how to attain a certain result.

Imagine as a new user of a slimming tea product, you would seek full information from the seller on how to use it effectively.

If the seller gives you half-baked information and you didn’t see the result, you will seek a refund because you feel the problem of inefficiency was from half-baked information given by the seller or even the product. You as a buyer are not expected to be blamed.

The same applies to when you give little or no information to your students with the expectation that they already know it or can figure it out themselves or whatever the reason could be.

An old user of Slimming Tea products doesn’t need a lot of detailed information before using it.

4. Understanding a subject is better than seeking a high grade when you can’t explain a subject. Do not give your students the impression that their success depends on how high their grade is.

You should focus on making them understand your teachings. Instead of making them feel that failure is bad, rather teach them to ask questions where they don’t understand and there is nothing wrong with being intellectually ambitious.

Students who understand a topic are more resourceful than those interested in getting a high grade.

Most students succeed when teachers don’t intend to intimidate, reduce the reliance on grade as a measure of success, identify student learning as the measure of their success.

5. Define your course expectations from the beginning of the term. Milestone is expected to be achieved before the end of the term.

Share this with your students and let them have them handy so they can prepare in advance before coming to class.

Those who try to figure it out themselves but couldn’t, will understand more and ask intelligent questions when in the classroom with the teacher.

Break down your milestone weekly and what is expected to be achieved weekly. Each class, before any teaching commences, ask them questions, review the previous teaching and preview the day’s teaching. This shouldn’t exceed 5-10 mins of your teaching time.

Give them practical questions that require practical answers.

Share if you find this insightful.

If you don’t, tell me why in the comment section.

11 05, 2021

How To Invest Your Money Wisely And Be Financially Free.

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It has been about 4 years now since Harry left our company to start his own business.

He has been struggling with a housewife and two kids to pay bills.

I can recall having an extensive discussion with him to think about the step he was about to make. He felt he had figured it out. Little did he know that fantasy is sweet until you face reality.

In March 2018, Harry left our company to start up his own business. He had saved a huge percentage of his salary over four years while working in our company.

He had saved the amount of money he needed to start his business and set him and his family on a path to financial freedom.

Coming from a poor home, he felt the only way to accumulate massive wealth was through business. And he fell in love with the act of doing business.  

Not up to two years when Harry left our company, he called me to know if there was any job vacancy in our company. I was surprised, his tone was not fine and I asked him, what happened?  

He said, 

“Dude am back to square one. All the money I spent years to save is gone. My audio calculation on how the money will be used until the business start generating me money was not right.

What I read on blogs and what I think would happen was slightly different from what reality gave me.”  

I asked him, what exactly happened?

He said,

“Some unforeseen costs came up in the middle of setting up my business. I had to dip my hands from part of the budget meant for the finishing stage of the project.

When I got to the finishing stage, I ran out of funds. I called my bank, they couldn’t help me. I called some of my family and friends to borrow some money to finish up my project.

Some gave me, but it wasn’t enough to finish up the project. I made up my mind that I have to generate the remaining money myself.

At that point, I stopped paying for rent and my kids’ school fees. Though I had explained to the teachers that they should give me some time to finish my project before I can pay their school fees.

I planned to finish the project before the following term. By then my business would have started generating revenue to offset the previous and current debt. It failed.

I couldn’t raise enough money to complete the project. 

As am talking to you right now, my kids are no longer going to school because the grace period to pay my debt has expired. I haven’t mentioned my house rent. What I have been facing with my Landlady. 

For now, the project is on hold.

See, can you help me get a job in your company?”

I told him, I will get back to him before the close of business day today.

PS: My friend’s real name is not Harry. I think it is not fair to mention his real name. 

There are a lot of people like Harry, who are impatient in their dealings and have limited information about the venture they are entering.

To them, attaining a goal is straight forward but little did they know that patience and not going into the venture after conducting your feasibility study is a business strategy itself.

They let the excitement of achieving their goal cloud their judgment and ability to make the right decision.

Perhaps, after reading several blogs on how to make money or how to invest money in Nigeria, or any part of the world, they feel overwhelmed by the new information received.  

Don’t get me wrong, there is nothing wrong with reading few blogs or watching videos on how to invest money or how to make money.

A lot of successful people are out there who never read a blog or watched a video about how to make money or invest money. They went through The School of Hard Knocks. 

Point is, pick the practical information and apply them in a little way. If it works, you can then scale it.

Results are not typical. How it worked for me may not be how it would work for you. Start little, figure out what works for you, and scale it. 

Everybody dreams of, well, not everybody rather some people dream of having financial freedom. And you can’t have financial freedom when you still have someone you call “Boss”.

So a lot of people jump into being self-employed or do business without considering what could go wrong.  

Self-employed is any income stream that can’t make you money while you are not around. Let’s say you own a shop and you suddenly got sick.

You will have to close your shop for the period you are not feeling fine, to treat yourself.

Another example is, if you are an Engineer or contractor, if you fall sick or travel, your business won’t be active, else you don’t have a contract at the moment. 

In business, many people have failed not because they are not hard-working nor smart, but they don’t have the right information to start, build, sustain and scale a business.

If I were to start my financial journey today without connection, I will focus on generating money with acquired skills. Let me put this in a better perspective. 

Let’s say I come from a poor background, no connection, no wealthy Uncles or Aunties, I will search for a high-income skill that rhymes with what I love doing, and develop such skill.

It could be affiliate marketing, copywriting, digital marketing, web design, etc.

Rhymes with what you love doing: When you choose a skill that you love doing, you will escape competition because you’re authentic. Authenticity will give you an edge over others who are in the same field/niche as you.

If you jump out first to start up a business, many chances are that you will fail and go bankrupt.

And at that point in your life, you have no experience or understanding of how a successful business should run. 

The Igbo apprenticeship system supports working for a Master for 3years and above. This will enable you to learn the business.

And at the end of your apprenticeship, you will be settled by your boss with some amount of money to start up your own business.

Now you have learned the skill of running and managing a business, and you now have the capital to kickstart it. 

What if the Igbo apprenticeship system is not for you and you don’t have such a system in your country?

Does it mean you won’t stand a chance to venture into any kind of business you feel can help the world?

The answer is simple, No.

One thing about money is that there are different ways to be wealthy.

Apart from the Igbo apprenticeship system, there are over one million ways on how to make money or on how to invest money when you’re looking for where to invest. 

If you start with skill acquisition and begin to earn money, a part of your income should be going to your business. If the business fails, you won’t go down to zero, unlike Harry.

Using your acquired skills to make money, and setting up a business by the side is popularly called Side Hustle.

Skill acquisition is a way of being on a safety net while building a business or acquiring wealth. 

In cases where the business is generating a profit and everything is working as planned, you invest more money into your business to scale it.

If you cannot run your business and earn through your skills as well, you can employ someone to manage your business for you. 

Remember the skill you learned was born out of what you love doing. You are ready to stay on it for as long as, let’s say 10, 20 years, or more. 

When your skill is earning you money and your business is earning you money, the next thing you should be talking about is how to preserve your capital or build net worth.

Preserving your capital is quite a different game and if not played well, you might lose all your money.

Real estate, Venture Capital, Stocks, and Cryptocurrency are a means of preserving one’s wealth. More on this later. 

In conclusion,

  1. Get a skill.
  2. Earn money from it.
  3. Save part of your income to enable you to invest in your side hustle.
  4. Use profit earned from your business to build more businesses or buy the equity of other businesses.

It is always easier said than done, but it is not impossible.

To be successful in any industry you find yourself in, you need to learn from the experts. Affiliate marketing is not excluded.

To be a successful affiliate marketer you need to be trained by an expert, who would give you the right tools and practical information to make money from affiliate marketing.

Click here to learn affiliate marketing.

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