Imagine how good your sales would have been if you’ve been driving targeted traffic from the very first month you started your business using Google and Youtube ads?

– The phenomenal growth

– The level of confidence people would have had in your business

– The great number of referrals who know about your business and troop in daily.

But before you achieve these things, you have to get certain things right.

– You must build your credibility.

Do people trust your product such that what they see online is exactly what they get?

Or you’re into services, the services you describe, is it exactly what your clients get?

In as much as we want to prove we are better than our competitors, it is better to reduce expectations and over-deliver than increase expectations and under deliver.

– You must have a good customer care system.

When I was starting as a Digital Marketer, I sold a course targeted at women. How they can identify a cheating boyfriend or husband and what they can do about it.

As a novice then, I just put up my website, sales copy, no form of contacting me.

Few weeks gone, sales weren’t up to my expectations. I knew something was wrong, but I didn’t know where it was from.

I had to refer back to the Facebook group that gave me the idea of selling such a product. I made a post and dropped my website link.

One comment provoked me, “there is no way a buyer can contact you, it means you want to hit and run.”

It provoked me, but he was saying the truth. However, I had to include my WhatsApp number and active email address.

Should I tell you what happened afterward?

Sales increased.

On bad days I get up to 20 purchases. That time, I used to sleep and wake up on my paystack account.

On my WhatsApp number, work increased as well.

As time went on, I compiled most of the questions people asked me on WhatsApp and created a FAQ on my site.

For various reasons, most people won’t buy your product if they can’t reach you.

– You Must Have a Refund Policy

This is a form of trust and guarantees that your product works. Remember, people who come to your site are strangers and if you cannot guarantee that your product is superb they will leave.

For the majority of people, a refund policy helps them trust that what you have in your description is the same as the product/service they will get.

If your product is good, people won’t often make use of your refund policy. They will refer people either.

And that’s where it gets interesting. Free Marketing.

Digital is not a strategy. Digital Marketing is. Mix it with a proven marketing strategy and your business becomes unstoppable.

When done right, it’ll drive targeted traffic, revenue, and authority. It’ll bring qualified buyers to your website, enabling you to focus on your products and customers, not constantly searching for more leads.

We know it works

As the agency of digital marketing consulting pioneer eLemuel delivers the prospects you need to succeed.

For us, providing Digital Marketing opportunities and turning them to profit for clients was the last step, not the first.

Google & Youtube ads are only two of the many traffic channels out there. If this is what you are here for.

Let’s explore how we can drive targeted traffic, revenue, and authority for your business.

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Are We a Good Fit?

Due to the personalized and intensive nature of our services, we can only work with a limited number of businesses.

Here’s What Happens When You Contact Us:

1. Application & Analysis

We’re not always the right fit for all businesses, and we’ll be the first to tell you. Our application and analysis process enables us to guarantee a successful outcome for our clients.

2. Discovery Call

Our inorganic growth methodology is simple – listen, learn, strategize, execute, and iterate. During the discovery process, we listen and help you discover your objectives and how we can get you there while taking into account your website’s current issues, content assets, and competitors.

3. Customized Strategy & Proposal

We’ll send you a customized proposal and strategy. This will outline the specific steps we’ll take during the initial phase of your project, along with each deliverable you’ll receive and when. Our proposal will also clearly outline our fees and next steps.

4. Action & Implementation

Every month, we work to earn grow your business and trust by communicating clearly and driving measurable returns.

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